Qiannao Disk

Super Could Storage Spaces, Unlimited Download services

Thousands of brain cloud computer as you build technological information age

Online Data Storage

  • Cloud storage, safe, reliable, virus immunity, the data is not lost
  • Permanent space, support from the chain, easily share
  • Drag and drop operation, can use Windows can use thousands of brain

Online mobile office

  • Open anytime, mobile business office
  • One-click file transfer, simple and quick
  • File type in the outbound mail, office family favorite

Online document editing

  • Cloud office cloud applications
  • Online open, create, edit documents
  • Supports a variety of common document


Qiannao Disk


  • In business, you may share a computer, but can still open up their own separate storage space
  • Suitable for mobile office, Internet access to information anytime, anywhere, do not have a computer or portable U disk
  • White-collar workers to do half of the brain network disk file into thousands of years, can continue to work to go home after work
  • Having to use third party software to the enterprise for centralized management of all business documents
  • College students during the school still has a separate shared computer file storage space, personal information, thesis permanent preservation
  • Shared computer entertainment among friends, do not worry about privacy leak, prevent the impact of friendship between friends
  • Gamers can store their own game aids, manage multiple online game account, the account information to avoid forgetting
  • Home users can store their photos, diaries, favorite Web sites into the thousands of brain network disk, feel the warmth of home anywhere

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